Journal: Entry 12

In between editing this week I have found a new fantastic plugin to use in After Effects and Premiere Pro. Red Giant Looks. This a very expensive colour grading software is extraordinary and has been praised and used by many professional filmmakers, luckily for me it comes with a 14 day no limitation trial for […]

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Journal: Entry 11

Through the time filming I have unfortunately found that finding a bright day in Devon is a hard task, especially when your only actor isn’t very flexible with college and work. Instead of waiting any longer I have decided to film with the clouds in hopes that when the time comes the sun will be […]

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Journal: Entry 10

This week has been used to film; more specifically I have been to Exmoor, Woolacome and Tiverton High School. Before setting off for each I always make sure that my checklist is completely ticked off, this is something that I have built up either over time or a couple of days beforehand to ensure that […]

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Journal: Entry 9

I have now added a new lens to my equipment, A Canon 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 STM lens. It has been fantastic to use for wide angle shots and brings so much more into the frame. The main reason for me getting this was to make the in-car shots feasible however after completing some tests shots I started […]

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Journal: Entry 8

One of the shots that I wanted to create for my piece was an overhead shot looking directly down. Originally this was just going to be used to capture shapes of coloured paper and use it in an experimental way however it has developed into using it to capture someones bedroom floor. My initial thoughts […]

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Journal: Entry 7

I have now received the suit that I will be using for my main character and have completed a very brief photo shoot to see what he looks like on camera and to find out what I want to change about his appearance. As such I have decided that the suit at the moment does […]

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