I believe that I have met my proposed aims; I created a piece that features a lot of very cinematic shots and have even been praised in my survey responses for doing so. Initially, I did propose to create a piece that would be between 5 to 7 minutes long and have unfortunately failed at that after my final piece had a run time of 4 minutes. I did collect more footage to fill this space while filming but in post-production I made the decision to create a piece of higher quality that one of quantity to better fit in to the film festivals that I will be submitting it to.

My work does hold some aspects of similarity to David Lynch’s own however, not closely. The main point that splits the two is the character development and strong narratives that Lynch’s have. Mine does not have much of either of these two but instead brushes up on the vibrant colour pallet, well framed shots and the use of a very odd, unexplained character that are a key-part of any of his odd creations.

Throughout the project I have changed my ideas a lot and have moved from one to the next in a matter of days, all part of the production process. Initially it had started out with a simple goal in mind: create a piece that looks great. Since that I have moved from scattering limbs across worlds to crashing cars and then to my final odd film. I set out wanting to create something that I could submit to the Berlin International Film Festival and also submit to Vimeo. Through my research I can see that my piece should appeal to both. I have collected survey responses to indicate whether it is liked or not, with these responses I have made sure to include the viewers age and political stance to show if their opinion of it can be likened to someone visiting the film festival or even if they fall within the most likely Vimeo viewer category.

Do I think that this finished piece is a very accurate representation of my skills? No. The technical knowledge behind the camera and in post is quite good however the lack of narrative or character development is something that makes it fall behind. When watching it I get a feeling that, without reading the script prior, it would seem confusing and not convey the full amount emotions that I would have liked. For future projects I will put a lot more time and effort into the script and idea and now think that this is something that a collaborative effort could help me with a lot.

After arguing with my tutor to show my point that it would help the final product, I was finally allowed to work at home for the last two months. I feel that this helped dramatically and can be seen when watching the film as it conveys a sense of loneliness and helps the viewer pay attention to each detail. Each piece of paperwork has been created in a very professional manner and when compared to my previous pieces it can also be seen that I have looked at each part of the piece and scrutinised it in order to attempt to achieve my best.

Throughout the project I have been very lax with sticking to my production schedule, this is partly because of the experimental element that I could not fully plan what it is I want to shoot and also because of my last two month period of working alone which allowed me to be lax. Each point that had to be met such as the assessment points and any day with actors or others that would help was strictly kept to. If I were to be working in a professional environment I would not be given such freedom and would have to stick to a schedule due to the vast quantity of collaborative effort that goes in. Needless to say this would be a top priority to be met in such an event.

Although that this piece has been praised by some to be my best yet, I feel that the time working on this project has actually been making me reconsider my career options and whether I do want to pursue a career in film making. This is partly because of my solitude which has let me see how much better I work as an individual rather than a team and also having time to reflect on myself as an individual. As this is a very unexpected turn, even for myself, I feel that throughout the next year it would be very beneficial for me to seek out experience in the industry and have planned to seek experience in TwoFour and move to bristol to make this much easier and to get some of the best possible knowledge in order to make a decision.

I feel that my piece is very cinematic for the most part, however, due to a survey response I believe that it could have been improved upon by rethinking the in car shots or even cutting them out all together. However, I have applied my past in music theology to this situation as I believe that visually or audibly, both are a composition and should be created as such: To create an appealing song or a live show that intrigues you and locks you in to watch more you must create a wide dynamic range throughout the piece. In my final product I believe that, instead of the car scenes taking away from the cinematic beauty, they actually create a trough in the piece; This then adds a lot more effect to the scenes that follow.

Working with my actor was a good experience as it again taught me more how to deal with working with other people and how to get the best out of someone. Although my already built up friendship with the actor helped dramatically, I feel that when going on a shoot my attitude changed and allowed me to be more helpful and professional: I worked with him to make sure any issues he had were resolved and made sure to meet all his needs in terms of availably and schedule. To help with the latter I have had his work and college times in my calendar since beginning the production phase. After all this I had received the outcome that I wanted and he fit the role exactly to my expectations.


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