Journal: Entry 13

As mentioned before, the sky in my videos is very lacklustre so I have been going through and editing what I can. I have also been putting Foley sound to the video however it does not match up the way I imagined at all. My knowledge of Foley sound is very sparse so that doesn’t help either. I have now asked a friend from Bath Spa University to assist me with this, he has been giving me some tips on how to resolve my issues but I feel that at the moment it is bringing the production quality down. To resolve this I have been re-recording lots of different sounds and spending a lot of time adjusting each one so it fits as best as possible. I believe that contacting someone that helped fill in my knowledge gaps was a great thing to do and would happen if I were to be working on a professional media project.


Recording after buying a bag of bigger stones to record 10 seconds of audio.


Because of these audio problems I have submitted my draft piece with an audio track that I have mixed, it is composed of 5 different songs as no one song fit the mood that I wanted to convey.

Changing Sky Cropped.png


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