Journal: Entry 12

In between editing this week I have found a new fantastic plugin to use in After Effects and Premiere Pro. Red Giant Looks. This a very expensive colour grading software is extraordinary and has been praised and used by many professional filmmakers, luckily for me it comes with a 14 day no limitation trial for non-commercial use. I have been watching lots of different tutorials on how best to use it along with Colorista III to achieve a cinematic look and feel that this has added to my production as a whole ten-fold. Instead of spending 10 minutes on each shot to perfect it, I can now usually spend a couple or at most 5 minutes and achieve much greater results. Learning to use this software now has been a fantastic opportunity to see what similar tools are used in a professional work environment- I believe that this will definitely help me should I want to delve deeper into the motion picture industry.

Hael Colour Grade.PNG
Colour Graded vs Not

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