Journal: Entry 11

Through the time filming I have unfortunately found that finding a bright day in Devon is a hard task, especially when your only actor isn’t very flexible with college and work. Instead of waiting any longer I have decided to film with the clouds in hopes that when the time comes the sun will be out, or if worst comes to worst I will have to edit each shot and drop in a beautiful blue sky.

I have also completed filming for the Woolacome shot, sadly I did not plan in that the sun would set in that direction. This means that it was very difficult to get a shot that looked great. I tried using an NF filter among the obvious tweaking of the camera settings but it was to no avail. This means that the hour trip there and two hours searching for the location were not used at all, something that I had prepared for as with any shoot you should be ready to throw your plan out the window.

If I were to be working in a team this could have been resolved as it was an error that could have been planned for, my lack of thought to this process is what bought it down as when completing the recce the skys were clouded.

Woolacome Shots.jpg


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