Journal: Entry 10

This week has been used to film; more specifically I have been to Exmoor, Woolacome and Tiverton High School. Before setting off for each I always make sure that my checklist is completely ticked off, this is something that I have built up either over time or a couple of days beforehand to ensure that I don’t forget any equipment. If I’m working with other crew members I also send this list out to them. I feel that this is a very important part to a video shoot as it eliminates the worry of forgetting anything- something that could not even be thought of if working for a company or in a team.




Throughout different projects I often create playlists with songs in that I want my piece to reflect the mood of. If I am working on a project with others I will ask if they can give it a listen when reading through the script or at any point to better convey to them the emotions I want in the short. I think that this is very important when showing my ideas to others, especially as most of my peers are, like me, inexperienced with scripts. In a work environment this would more than likely be eliminated but I would still create these lists for myself.

Here is the playlist that I have been building up and showing to my actor.


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