Journal: Entry 9

I have now added a new lens to my equipment, A Canon 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 STM lens. It has been fantastic to use for wide angle shots and brings so much more into the frame. The main reason for me getting this was to make the in-car shots feasible however after completing some tests shots I started to discover where else this could be used in my shoot and have been adding it in to lots of different shots since.

On another note, this week has also been filled with learning to fly and use my new  piece of professional equipment, the Phantom 3. I have been flying at least once a day throughout the week and have now moved on from just flying to achieving near cinematic shots. I have edited together a really short piece from my most recent test flight to see what was achievable when edited and colour corrected.

Editing this has also taught me some valuable lessons: If you look at the first clip you can clearly see that it is sped up when you look at me and my friend in the shot, this is because the drone cant ascend/descend very fast- or not fast enough to create an appeasing shot. As such I now know to keep my actor still if I plan to do this in a shoot. The second error is in the fourth shot. The darks and lights change mid way through the shot and wreak havoc on the colour grading, this is because I had set the camera to film in auto. Something I didn’t even think about, now when I want to carry out a manoeuvre I will definitely keep it on manual like any good filmographer.


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