Journal: Entry 8

One of the shots that I wanted to create for my piece was an overhead shot looking directly down. Originally this was just going to be used to capture shapes of coloured paper and use it in an experimental way however it has developed into using it to capture someones bedroom floor.

My initial thoughts on creating something to do this was to simply use a ladder, suspend it horizontally, and then attach a piece of rope to it which would hold the camera. It should go without saying that this wouldn’t work, the camera would not have any way to be balanced and would also swing around a lot- not achieving the desired shot at all. Moving on from that while working in the workshop, I stumbled across a slider that was designed to hold welding gear and other equipment overhead. What a fantastic find. I got to work cleaning it down and then designing a really simple metal plate to be able to attach a DSLR to this and keep it stable. This bracket sadly blocked the screen from being viewed and so I used a mini HDMI lead and connected it up to the TV.

I did manage to sort out any small issues with weight differences by using the weights from my Steadicam but unfortunately a lot of shaking can still be seen in the video. Not nearly good enough for what I want to achieve yet.

I then moved on to trying to use the only gimbal I own- the one on my Phantom 3. I took apart the bracket that was designed and used some zip ties to attach it all together- neat. Now the camera will level itself, stabilise itself and as an added bonus I used an iPad as a viewer which made getting those shots even easier.IMG_0006.JPG

Here is what the finished set ups looked like although the lighting was moved around a lot.

Finally here are the finished test shots, these came out almost as I’d have hoped. The main point of this excercise was to get this rail running smoothly. Should I decide to use this in the production stage of my piece then I now have easy access to it.


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