Journal: Entry 7

I have now received the suit that I will be using for my main character and have completed a very brief photo shoot to see what he looks like on camera and to find out what I want to change about his appearance. As such I have decided that the suit at the moment does not reflect his character well enough and so will be adjusting the jacket and trousers to be shorter and I will also be scrapping the sunglasses for a more fitting pair of normal glasses.

Over the past week I have been in talks with the actor and have thoroughly explained who he will be playing and explored Hael’s background with him to prepare for the role. Even though it is short, we have gone through the script together multiple times while I have been explaining how each shot is planned out. Being in the director role I think that this is a very good thing to do as it lets me find out if my actor has any questions or concerns and allows me to address them as soon as possible. I feel that this is a very necessary part of the process as the actor plays a huge part in conveying the emotions to the viewer.


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