Journal: Entry 6

Another of the shots that I want to heavily focus on will be shown within the first 30 seconds and simply includes a car driving off with my character in. I wanted this to be by a beach overlooking the sea and also on private property as my actor does not have a full driving licence. After looking on Google Maps street view at the closest beaches (Exmouth, Minehead, etc.) and not being able to find anything even close to suitable I decided that I needed to do some legwork (or rather car work). To find this location I ended up completing a 103 mile trip around North Devon exploring as much of the coast as I could to find this perfect shot. In preparation for this I talked to locals and gathered difference places and ideas and ended up starting at Coombemartin with the Sandy Cove Hotel. Unfortunately this place was not suitable for my needs as it was on much too steep of a hill and did not allow car access where needed. I then continued on to Illfracombe and then to a small village called Lee. The village that I came across was, again, not suitable for this shoot however it was very picturesque and I have saved it to use in another production. Finally, after going up to Woolacome I came across a private car park just off from the main road, kept driving through and found an overflow lane attached to it and there is where I found the exact place that I wanted to film.

On the way back home I came across another equally suitable location in Puttsborough, I contacted the owner of the establishment as requested by the staff on site but unfortunately didn’t hear back.

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 15.35.37


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