Journal: Entry 5

In almost a movie like occurrence last night I have now decided that, after a dream, I want to name my character ‘Hael’. I think this is a name that really captures what I want to convey; when it is said everyone is already familiar with the world and so it rolls off the tongue, however, at closer inspection we can see that this is not what we originally thought.

I have now been looking into what I want my character to wear and started building up a personality; however kept to himself he may seem in the final product. I have found a fantastic suit online that I feel really captures this but also will add greatly to the cinemagraphic beauty side of the production. A very vibrant, bright blue suit. I have spent time this week trying to find this exact one, sadly, only a full length version can be found. As this is the case I have ordered it anyway and planned to carry out a quick photo-shoot when it arrives with my actor to see how far off of my desired character it will be.


Along with this and over the past month I have been working on a page of notes that when I get an idea, be it a shot or narrative idea or even just a song that fits the mood, I write it down to give myself some help later on when I inevitably get stuck scriptwriting and storyboarding. I often go back and change things, because of this and as this was created for just me there is absolutely no professionalism to be seen, just pure thoughts for my later self.

Everywhere Ideas


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