Journal: Entry 4

My past week has been spent playing with the idea of using limbs in the narrative. More specifically I have been thinking of having them lying around the world that my character is in to add a sense of weirdness and confusion for the viewer but also to somehow create a deeper meaning in it. Initially I wanted to have disembodied arms and legs scattered throughout the world; not gore-ridden, just limbs on their own, perhaps even coming through the walls and such. My thought process behind this is that it will be set in parallel time to ours, in which this is a common thing to happen. From having these thoughts I have then moved onto finding why it is that I have chosen limbs, I have created a few mind maps about myself to get to the bottom of it however these are not something that I want to upload for personal reasons.

I would like to continue with this idea and create something out of it however I do not feel that, given the time scale, I will be able to achieve both the cinematic beauty that is specified in my proposal and create a convincing piece with these traits.  Before deciding not to continue with this idea I had come up with various ways that the effect could be achieved, the ideas that were written down can be found below.

Notes 2LimbIdeas2.jpg


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