Journal: Entry 2

One of the first shot ideas that I have been playing around with for the last few days has been simply walking through the streets of Exeter with a camera and capturing everything that’s going on in slow motion. More specifically I want to cut between the pieces that are most appealing and slow them down. The first issue that I have run into that has kept this shot from being as cinematic as possible is keeping the camera very steady and creating very smooth motion. The current stabiliser that I own is a very cheap one and so even with practice it’s hard to home in on exactly the shot that I want; I have been looking into what the college has to offer and have found that I can use a more expensive Glidecam stabiliser- this will help dramatically. Secondly the shots that I have been capturing, even when smoothing out the motion, have been mis-framed. I have been looking into using a 2k or 4k camera as this will allow me to re-frame in post-production and find exactly the shot that I want.

The other is using a drone to capture stunning establishing shots and the like, specifically the Phantom 3. My current research has been mainly into how the laws around flying works, how best to be safe and what the risks are when buying one. The reason that I want to go down this route is because I believe it will add to the production value and as a result help me create a more professional final piece.

My first thought is how the character should be dressed. As I want this to be memorable I have decided to pick a very bright and vibrant outfit, after doing some research I have turned up a website called ‘OppoSuits’ and have found a fitting suit.

The past week has been filled with exploring how this other dystopian reality will work, I feel that this is a key part in making any story good enough to bring a viewer in. I have been looking into my main character, Hael, and how I can make him suit the part that I’m looking for. Unfortunately I can only purchase a full length version online and so will have to alter it to achieve the look below:ss_tullips-from-amsterdam_lifestyle-01_1.jpg

Another addition is that I have received a new lens to use in this project, a 50mm 1.8f cannon one to be precise. To get a grip on what this lens is capable of I have been taking it around with me and have produced some shots that start to capture the mood and that I would like to incorporate into my short film.


Self Portrait



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