Journal: Entry 1

Recently I have been looking through Vimeo to get an idea of what it is I want my short film to be akin; I have created a collection for this: The piece that sticks out to me the most is “My Recurring Dream” for its narrative, or lack thereof. Being taken into lots of different lives is something that I have explored in my media pieces before, so it is no surprise that I would chose this piece to look at closer. Another is the beautiful imagery that is presented to us, each shot has been perfected to capture an amazing atmosphere that is fluent throughout.

I have also been using this time to think more about what it is I want to capture and how I can use the skills I have accumulated over the past year to really make my work stand out. Currently I am playing with the idea of creating a short film that follows a man after a night out that wakes up with blood in very odd places of his house. He is also left lots of different voicemails on his phone, as the viewer we are left wondering what on earth could have happened and are taken through this in a very Lynchian style to a big reveal finale.


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