I believe that I have met my proposed aims; I created a piece that features a lot of very cinematic shots and have even been praised in my survey responses for doing so. Initially, I did propose to create a piece that would be between 5 to 7 minutes long and have unfortunately failed at […]

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Journal: Entry 14

“If you give [people] tools, they’ll do wonderful things with them” – Steve Jobs Ah what a wise man, what he didn’t mention was that with better tools you also run the risk of ruining your graphics card while rendering your short film. When learning to use these new professional grade tools not once did […]

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I have viewed my piece to an audience that match my TA either fully or partially and have collected answers with physical bits of paper as it was shown to them in person.  I have since gone away and collated the answers into a table so I can address each problem individually and bring the […]

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Journal: Entry 13

As mentioned before, the sky in my videos is very lacklustre so I have been going through and editing what I can. I have also been putting Foley sound to the video however it does not match up the way I imagined at all. My knowledge of Foley sound is very sparse so that doesn’t […]

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